I WILL PREVIVE [The Book Of Baps] diary extract, 4 June 2017


“Well, now that the baps are done, and just as soon as the rolling stones are hanging around my neck, I’ll be thinking about the what the next groove will be in my art and heart. It’s exciting! I have a little bit of an idea of possible themes and series which have been brewing up top for a while and I’m hoping my ideas will translate into paintings and drawings. I also have some unfinished painting biz to return to. But I think I’m ready to push myself to try and convert potential into reality. You have to believe in the dangling carrot, don’t you? And I see a sea of faces ahead.

Not much of a housebomb to address this weekend, seeing as it’s take two at this game. I’ve chucked some trashy mags and a few of my favourite things in a bag and generally I’m feeling pretty “breezy” about the op on Tuesday. I haven’t even received the admission details yet! Surgery eve for those technicalities it is then. I can do casual, yeah man, yeah man, yeah man. Chill. I can’t flipping wait to be on the other side now though. Again. How many other sides are there? This is it this time, right? I’m asking too many questions to sound confident here. So here my homegirl in no doubt of it at all. It’s Gwen Stefani. She wind it up and make the sweet escape.”