KELELA (2017)

I WILL PREVIVE [The Book Of Baps] diary extract, 11 May 2017


“Some days you just wish had never happened. The sun was big and warm. The sky was blue. Perfecto! The rest was total cack. Oooooh tummy was so unimpressed at drinking the litre of piss. I actually don’t know what piss tastes like but if I was going to imagine the taste then that pale yellow drink I sipped over the course of an hour would be it for sure. The scan was all right, far less awful than an MRI. You’ve still got to get your kit off though and I’m getting tired of that. It’s just not sexy. There are definitely no heart shaped cut outs in a medical gown.

Little rugrat was suddenly sick with the croup in the morning so we both nursed our ailments at home all afternoon. Thank you so much for the sick kid, God. So helpful! Tummy has been horribly foul and nasty to me. And Eat Fit Food has come to an end!!! Please. No. Can’t be. I “cooked” for the first time in weeks (fishfingers) and put the rugrats in front of a movie. I think that’s called cheating but I had nothing left to give. The radio announced that Robert Miles had died; a small part of first year looniversity in me died in that moment. So then when I tried to open the (medicinal) bottle of lemonade from the fridge and couldn’t coz of my stoopid boobs, I cracked and cried. It’s been a while since some blubs but the main thing is I’m over the hump in the week and today can’t be any worse, can it?! Here my homegirl. It’s Kelela. She can’t rewind.”



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May 11, 2017