I WILL PREVIVE [Intro] diary extract, 14 July 2016

THE INBETWEENERS series (2016)

“Greasy insomnia all over me – oh if I could only get some sleep. I’ve been thinking a lot about sleep lately probably because I love it so much and I’m normally really good at it. I really don’t mind a little two hour siesta after lunch, a sunshine doze on the beach, a vibrating power nap in the car. I’ve been known to crash in da club, in da club, and when I get into bed every night I say out loud to myself, “I LOVE this bed”. Do newborns and sleep lovers go well together? No. Do boobs that are not your own and tummy sleepers go together? I don’t think so. Does brain overload and shut eye go together? Definitely not. So at 5am I’m turning to the only person I know who can always make looking tired-wired and pretty fed up with his lot still seem super cool, the original insomniac, the faithful, the strong believer, Maxi Jazz (Faithless).”


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July 14, 2016