I’m just a country boy, country boy at heart. ~ Albert Lee.

Ragnar Lothbrok, Straya’s answer to royalty (other than Princess Mary, obvs) is very sadly now in Valhalla. But, as all sensible mommies know, VIKINGS IS BACK!!! Tonight! 9.35pm on SBS! What a coup for hump day.

I did some extra Wiki reading about Travis Fimmel because during the rainy weekend I met someone who actually grew up with “Trav” and is enviably on abbreviated first name terms with the king.

Originally from a 5,500 acre farm three hours north of Melbourne, it seems there ain’t nothing Trav can’t do: Calvin Klein fashun model (he turned up to the office penniless and barefooted but came out as the first male model to sign a 6-figure deal), Australian Rules Footy player (St. Kilda), architecture stoodent… to list just a few of the things he’s good at.

Refreshingly, he prefers the simple things in life: the beach, camping, surfing and riding motorbikes. Yes, you can take the Viking out of Kattegat but you can’t take the Straya out of the Strayan.


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December 6, 2017

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