SHAKIRA (2017)

I WILL PREVIVE [The Book Of Baps] diary extract, 12 April 2017


“Here I am, on the other side. I know this because THE HIPS DON’T LIE. My whole torso looks like it’s been in a car accident! It’s yellow, purple and black, front and back. At first I thought the purple was dye from surgery… well I thought wrong, didn’t I?! The most brilliant part is that I’ve swapped upturned ceramic bowls (rocks) for soft bread rolls (baps). This is my latest analogy about going from expanders to implants. I can not express how amazing this change looks and feels! It’s hard to tell with the swelling and the drains but the new boobs seem like old, improved friends, minus any sensation of course, except for the area on the left from my neck down to and including the top of my left nipple. The whole area to the side of my boobs and up around my back is also numb and somehow this feels worse to tolerate because I hadn’t realised how extensively the nerves would be removed. It’s been like this since the mastectomies last year. But it’s a small trade.

My head is quite foggy. I keep remembering and forgetting things and I’ve definitely flatlined emotionally from all the drugs. Friday night was such a HIGH, I could only come down from there. But I’ll do my best to stay up high by saying HIP HOP HOORAY!!! I kicked it and now I’m going to have a house party with my homegirls! For some reason I can not comprehend I have a burning desire to learn Jamaican Patois but I’ll just stick with a little Jafaican for now… So who’s got that party vibe? First to arrive – Shakira: She hips don’t lie.”


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April 12, 2017